Danforth Ave

Current State

Danforth Ave is a very wide street with off-peak parking and relatively low traffic volumes.  The street is dangerous to cyclists and unpleasant for pedestrians, with little shade and traffic that regularly speeds.  Despite the high speeds and wide street even traffic flows irregularly because turning traffic blocks live lanes due to a lack of turning lanes and cars are parked in the curb lane, meaning drivers regularly weave between lanes in an attempt to maintain their speed and end up cutting off other traffic.

Our Vision

We want to see Danforth Ave reconfigured to make the street safer and more accessible for everyone.  By converting the curbside lane to a dedicated parking lane and cycle track (much like the rest of Danforth Ave) the streets are made safer and more pleasant for pedestrians and active transportation users by keeping them separated from car traffic.  Dedicated parking means that people can visit the street and stop at any time rather than simply driving past at the busiest times of day while also removing the opportunity for drivers to swerve and cut other drivers off, keeping traffic flowing and making driving safer.  In areas these dedicated parking lanes will be reserved for loading zones or transit stops to benefit businesses and transit riders, while in other areas these parking lanes may be omitted to make space for dedicated turning lanes to keep traffic moving.  Additional trees and street furniture also serve to make these streets more pleasant destinations that attract pedestrians and active transportation users.

Special attention will need to be paid around dangerous intersections, such as Danforth Ave and Danforth Rd, Danforth Ave and Birchmount, and Danforth Ave and Kingston Rd.