About Us

Meet some of the volunteers behind DK4All

Garnet Belik

A long term resident of Scarborough SW.  A passionate advocate to bring safer streets to my family and neighbors.  Looking to help make our neighborhoods a better place to live and visit.

Ian McVay

I grew up in Scarborough Village, and recently moved back to Birchcliff Heights to raise my family.  I am an advocate for low carbon lifestyles, and love cycling around the neighbourhood. 

Ted Turner

I've lived in the ward for my entire life. I went to Chine Drive Public School and Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute. As a Cliffside resident I am excited for what this project will bring to the neighbourhood - safer streets for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Looking forward to a more vibrant, accessible, and safe Scarborough.

Ella Wind

Mom to a toddler who wants a safe neighborhood where I can walk and my daughter can grow up with independence, freedom, and community.

Douglas Yardley

Cyclist for almost 50 years, ride for sport and transportation. I have used my bike as my sole transportation for over 3 years. Lived in Scarborough Village since 2000.

Kevin Rupasinghe

I'd love to see Danforth & Kingston transformed into a safe vibrant local main street instead of a dangerous highway cutting through Cliffside, the neighbourhood I call home.