Danforth - Kingston 4 All

Danforth-Kingston 4 All are a group of local residents who want Danforth Ave and Kingston Rd through Scarborough to be safer, more inviting, and more accessible for all regardless of their method of travel. We want these streets to be local destinations while still facilitating efficient travel through the area.

Public Consultations Announced!

Public consultations have been announced for the Danforth-Kingston complete street project!  An online consultation will occur on June 18, and in-person consultations will occur on June 19 and June 25.  You can find more information on the city's project page, and you can let us know whether you plan to attend.

About Danforth-Kingston 4 All

Danforth-Kingston 4 All are working with the community and city staff to ensure the extension of the Danforth Ave complete street east from Victoria Park Ave to Kingston Rd to Scarborough Golf Club Rd meets the needs of local residents and becomes a permanent part of the city

Today these streets are hostile, uninviting, and dangerous to everyone, including people walking, people using a mobility device, people riding bikes, people taking transit, and people driving.  We want to ensure that these streets are reconfigured in a way that makes them safer, more vibrant, and exciting destinations for everyone, regardless of their method of travel, while still facilitating efficient travel through the area both for current residents and people who will move into this area and beyond as the city continues to grow.

What is a Complete Street?

A complete street is a street designed to meet the needs of all road users, whether they walk, use a mobility device, ride a bike, take a bus, or drive a car

The goal of a complete street is to ensure that streets are safe and accessible for people of all ages and abilities regardless of their method of transportation.  Complete streets reimagine our streets as safer, more vibrant, and exciting public spaces built for everyone that still facilitate efficient travel.

Complete streets are places that are built for all of us, regardless of the method of travel we choose.  They are safer and more inviting for residents who shop and run errands on these streets, for local businesses trying to attract and retain new customers, for children traveling to and from school, and for visitors eager to explore somewhere new.

Learn about our vision for a Danforth Ave and Kingston Rd 4 All

About the Danforth-Kingston Complete Street Extension Project

The city of Toronto has a project to extend the Danforth complete street east from Danforth Ave and Victoria Park Ave to Kingston Rd, and along Kingston Rd from Danforth Ave to Scarborough Golf Club Rd.  There is also a planned extension south along Birchmount Rd to enable safe access to the Birchmount Community Center.

The current plan is for community consultations in Fall 2023 followed by a full installation in 2024.

You can sign up for project updates, keep track of the progress, communicate with the city staff leading this project, and learn about upcoming community consultations on the city's Danforth-Kingston Complete Street Extension project page.

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